Audi S5 2014

Friday, September 20th 2013. | Audi

The Audi S5 2014 hits all the correct notes for a luxury sport motorcar and convertible with its sleek exterior, elegant cabin, partaking performance and advanced technology. The Audi S5 is that the performance-oriented version of the A5. It provides additional muscular styling, additional power and extra commonplace instrumentality.

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Meanwhile some rumors told that Audi S5 2014 unharness date are going to be in late this year. you’ll be able to get up-to-date with certified traders of the Audi to find out additional concerning the Audi S5 2014 worth. there’s no purpose why you must be eventually incomprehensible  once it involves the high-toned and relaxation that comes with Audi vehicles. This automotive is formed in an exceedingly method that they’re going to offer you even quite you foretold. we tend to promise that we are going to update presently once Audi announces Audi S5 2014 unharness date.

The Audi S5 2014 may be a 2-door, 4-passenger luxury sports motorcar, or convertible sports automotive, out there in three trims, starting from the three.0T Premium and motorcar quattro Manual to the three.0T Premium and equipage quattro.

Upon introduction, the 3.0T Premium and motorcar quattro Manual is provided with a typical three.0-liter, V6, 333-horsepower, supercharged engine that achieves 17-mpg within the town and 26-mpg on the road. A 6-speed manual transmission with overdrive is commonplace. The 3.0T Premium and equipage quattro is provided with a typical three.0-liter, V6, 333-horsepower, supercharged engine that achieves 18-mpg within the town and 26-mpg on the road. A 7-speed transmission with overdrive is commonplace.

The exterior of the RS5 makes it clear that this is no sports cruiser. As quick as the S5 is, it struggles to look nearly as expensive or purpose-driven as the RS model. Despite big wheels, the S5 shares all its looks closely with the base A5.

The RS5 looks unique from all angles, especially up front. The RS5 replaces the S5’s horizontal grille slats for a deep, 3D honeycomb finish for the whole frame. There is no visible bumper element under the grille. The deep front air dam is finished in contrasting silver and extends further under the grille, as well as all the way to the wings of the car.

Just above the air dam beside the grille are two huge air intakes finished with dark horizontal slats ahead of a similar honeycomb in the grille. The side-most air vents feature visible air channels that push a huge volume of air past the car’s additional cooling radiators and the front brakes.

Clever ductwork for brake cooling has been a part of German cars for decades. Rarely are the vents as overt and prominent as on the latest RS Audi’s, however. The RS6 Avant and forthcoming 189 mph RS7 take the design highlight to a new level with aluminum shrouds marking out the key side ducts.

Despite the fenders looking incredible and giving the RS5 a squat, low stance on the road, they only marginally widen the car and the tracks are virtually unchanged versus the S5. What they do provide is a larger wheelhouse that increases the maximum wheel and brake package sizes up to 20 inches versus the max 19 inches on the S5.

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The RS5 is available with optional 15-inch front carbon-ceramic brakes for an extra $6,000. Keen eyes may also note the new circular radar array in the lower bumper of the 2014 RS5.

None of the wheels or paint colors are too exciting, but the base 10-spoke RS rims are just too subtle. The optional five-spoke rotor design in dark-grey-titanium finish is the best of the lot.

Out back, the new LED taillight designs are far tougher to notice than the newer headlamps out front. The new taillight graphic basically replaces the old bulb blinker with an LED, gives the LED bulbs larger lenses and adds a crisp, dot-free LED strip along the bottom of the lights.
The trunk-lid spoiler is well integrated and deploys automatically at 75 mph but also offers a manual up or down selection from inside the cabin.

Down below is where the real action lives. The lower rear bumper shows where the hundreds of hours of wind tunnel tweaking really become visible. The functional diffuser lives between two 5-inch oval exhaust pipes and is topped by a body-color strip that recalls some racing aero mods. Just above the painted strip is a matching honeycomb mesh to flush any trapped air from the wheel wells or underbody out the back. Things like this are critical at the RS5’s 174 mph top speed.

2014 Audi RS5 Exterior Dimensions:

•Wheelbase                 108.3 in.
•Overall length           183.0 in.
•Overall width            73.2 in.
•Overall height           53.8 in.
•Track (front/rear)    62.3/ 62 in.
•Weight                        4009 pounds
•Drag Coefficient       0.32